♫♪  Julian Lynch - “Carios kelleyi I”

For being recorded in his apartment, “Carios kelleyi I” sounds surprisingly wide open. Typically with all of this lo-fi pop, the prison of bedroom walls gives the music a claustrophobic feel. I mean mentally and physically, like the sound range of every note hits its own ceiling within the limitations of the recording device. But all of the percussion, softly plucked notes, and windy vocals carry onward and upward past physical limitations. It’s a big sound for someone limited by noise complaints from his neighbors, which may account for the continuing soft haze that coats every Julian Lynch album. It’s the warmth of the home studio and the polite daring of recording the loud parts only when you think your neighbors have left for work.

“Carios kelleyi I” is the first single from Lynch’s upcoming Underwater Peoples album, Lines, out March 26. Listen to it below:

• Julian Lynch: http://julianlynch.bandcamp.com
• Underwater Peoples: http://underwaterpeoples.com

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