♫♪  Jumping Back Slash - JBS004

It’s brave for Cape Town’s Jumping Back Slash to use something so close to that wobbling synth lead on the first track of his new collection JBS004, the fourth in a prolific run of self-released Bandcamp EPs. Or maybe its just indicative of the way my ears want to draw close the disparate sounds of some far away city into the kind of recognizable, categorizable compound that would feel totally ridiculous to anyone who actually walked that city’s streets. We impose our own refrains from a distance, and nuances get lost. Any flickering nods to that blurry record rack in my mind are quickly thrown off by the sheer menace of this shit, the brooding sense of a raised fist just around the corner. Sugared vocals serve as silk gloves for that crushing slug at the gut. Structural violence.

Fader just did a good little write up about JBS, with some discussion and examples of the new sub-genregqom: “A more broken sound, a lot more minimal than normal SA house and rarely four to the floor, it’s a raw sound.” And apparently a big influence.

Keep eyes on the Bandcamp for future EPs! Listen to JBS004 below:

Jumping Back Slash: http://jumpingbackslash1.bandcamp.com

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