Junior Mungus
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SLF are on a wildly relentless run. Not only have they recently churned out a tape from Sensei Himself, but they’re also doing bloody well keeping us in the know. It’s true that there’s an almost hilarious slew of bedroom geezers tapping contentedly on their SP-404s and pouring their unfiltered creativity into the welcoming open vat that is SoundCloud/Bandcamp. SLF do the noble thing: they deliver to us the cream of this unwieldy crop. Dip into their back catalogue to discover such excellently named delights as Nipple Tapes, Crumbbumz, and also this.

So, Junior Mungus is the latest nod from SLF, and it’s a different beast entirely. In a wildly unorthodox maneuver, Mungus has scorned the 404 in favour of its younger sibling, the humble 303. Their manifesto states “30303030203030303,” which is evidently a comment on the unnecessary and bloated excesses of the 404 (what kind of fatcat needs 4 extra buttons???). Consequently, we have a refined palate of sickeningly slick beats mixed with some carefully hewn cuts of juicy jazz piano. Tasty. Tasteful.

• Junior Mungus: http://juniormungus.bandcamp.com
• SLF Tapes: http://www.slftapes.com

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