♫♪  Jupiter Jax - “Sequential”

There’s nothing better than checking and rechecking a label’s website, and after all the times it has yet to be updated you take a look on a lark, and all of a sudden NEW STUFF! After Record Store Day constipated the record plants, churning out “quality” Foo Fighters demos, Black Keys 7-inch’s, and such, it seems like things are back to normal for record labels who don’t partake in the rat race of RSD. Not Not Fun and 100% have a couple of new tapes and records out, but it’s Malta producer Jupiter Jax’s Visions LP that we’re here to talk about. In addition to a brand new LP on vinyl, Silk is offering an additional full-length cassette of tracks that didn’t make it onto the album for whatever reason. Judging by “Sequential,” these aren’t bottom of the barrel leftovers here. Get deep into these space-bachelor pad vibes. The supplemental cassette, Visitors, is only available with the vinyl, and it’s limited to 100 copies, soooooo get on it!

• Jupiter Jax: https://soundcloud.com/jupiterjaxmusic
• 100% Silk: www.listentosilk.com

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