♫♪  Justin Marc Lloyd - Elysium Cove Mirror

Justin Marc Lloyd has been shoveling a musical path towards mutant consciousness for years now, releasing a vast and constant flow of tapes, 7” records and CDs under his own name, as well as with various other bands, side projects and aliases. His own Rainbow Bridge imprint has been responsible for the majority of his recent output, but Milwaukee based DIY orginazation FTAM is the one behind his latest c40, entitled Elysium Cove Mirror, which is a real barn burner, if I do say so myself.

The album is sort of like huffing a sharpie while driving, then parking and staring at a gas station pump for an hour. Meaning, you’re close to insanity, and the contents in front of you could lead to your ascension into total metal loss, but the ground is still solid, and the fumes pouring out around you just accent your fringe teetering.

Please, don’t be a blockhead. Use those fucking bones and muscles and flesh you call fingers to scope the madness that is Elysium Cove Mirror right there below. Make sure to grab a copy of the cassette too, because knowing his track record, this is probably going to be the last time he will EVER put forth a physical object of music EVER again.

• Justin Marc Lloyd: http://www.justinmarclloyd.com

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