♫♪  Kane West - “T.R.U.E.L.O.V.E.”

Kane West, whose moniker is likely a nod to this guy I want to college with named Kane Weston, has been on fire since he set himself on fire with last year’s Western Beats. The mix made it to #31 on our year-end favorites, and he didn’t even purchase ad space from us!

His latest underground sound is a house number called “T.R.U.E.L.O.V.E.,” where ain’t nobody loves him better, makes him happier, or makes him feel “this way” than YOU (your name is Rufus, right?). The track can be found on label/art collective Folie Douce’s second Confessions comp, which also features tracks by Joseph Marinetti, Slugabed, Alizzz (who edits Makonnen’s monster jam, “Tuesday”), and many more. Download the whole thing here, and stream “T.R.U.E.L.O.V.E.” here:

Rising, trending, surging, whatever: Kane West is crashing your house party, and you can’t (and shoudln’t) do anything about it. He’s coming to SXSW too, with PC Music and Cascine/ Double Denim/ Manicure. I’m sure he’s got something else boiling, too…

• Kane West: https://soundcloud.com/kane-west-official
• Folie Douce: https://soundcloud.com/foliedouce

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