♫♪  Kanyon - PALLADIUM

ALL AROUND: fuck yeah. Not only does Kanyon go hard on sounds unheard by any human but him, but reappropriates them on PALLADIUM into something so mind twisting that I’m LOL’ing at it’s faux-dance satirical slice of psychedelia in an editorial department full of looks. Fuck it, I’m unplugging my headphones and getting today STARTED!! Who just popped a molly at work? THIS GUY.

Untrue. Maybe. And Kanyon’s song titles are beyond the laughter. “dear fuckboy,” “1 thousand,” dope suite,” “guess thats how it is” ….killin’ me. Just ring me up with that plug off the j-card art and jack my mind into a sludge-puddy. Can I write sludge-puddy? Or generally, upon finishing PALLADIUM, your mind turn’ts into that pile of trash left behind in last night’s rave warehouse. Keeping up with the beat is Kanyon’s intention, as he knows exactly how your reaction will be if it were kept consistent, though the M.O. here is to take consistency and smash it into a deteriorated, over-lapping nature, flip it around, and fuck every part of your brain that’s previously been unharmed.

Kanyon’s PALLADIUM is streaming below via Bootleg Tapes, and will get your Swim Team stroke a bit more refinedly-fucked:

• Swim Team: http://swimteam69.net
• Bootleg Tapes: https://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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