♫♪  kanyon - “summer sixteen kanyon petty revenge edit”

Swim Team pep-boii kanyon (a.k.a. DJ JOHN BROOKLYN. a.k.a. badboypeepee) keeps it on the frosty lock, chillin’ low-key, and picking dem gears. Since his debut release Palladium, kanyon has given up the breaking-and-entry life, has been flirting at shows around town, floating that couch life, and is probably at your cousin’s place right now ripping that free WiFi to bootleg a new edit. And when they kick him out, tracks like “summer sixteen kanyon petty revenge edit” flare up, bubbling in a fresh-yet-negative zone, that’s equally a dance jam and MMA-fighter entrance track. Actually, kanyon has been signed to the next Robbie Lawler match up, and will be given a microphone for a hype-man intro, potentially doing an a capella of “summer sixteen kanyon petty revenge edit.” Although, I imagine kanyon will just be carrying his laptop, holding that mic up to the computer’s practically blown-out speakers, cracking and popping the sound system, sparking and exploding woofers and tweeters throughout the arena in effort to create some DIY pyrotechnics.

Scope kanyon’s “summer sixteen kanyon petty revenge edit” streaming below before it goes viral (and stop by the “world premiere [of the] new dj john brooklyn track” swim team radio rip for extra packets of fuego).

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