♫♪  Kaumwald - Hantasive

There’s a playful layer of filth smothering Opal Tape’s newest release Hantasive, by Lyon’s Kaumwald. It’s a panic room carved out with spades in the midst of an e-waste mega-dump. These sounds wrap their INDUSTRY in an over glove, they giggle and burble at you with rotten teeth. The plastic spools and reeling materiality of Opal Tape’s preferred medium and mineraloid moniker shine through, even over Bandcamp, as they have across the label’s increasinglyacclaimed output. Obviously, T Heavyz ears were pricked up well in advance to the mystery and wonder which has since come to anchor each OT release. Here we have a further addition to an assemblage (yes, I mean record label) that hits just the right balance between individually challenging artistic excursions and curatorial common ground. European fans can currently try and catch this ‘Label’ as they tour around the continent. Stream Hantasive by Kaumwald below:

• Kaumwald: http://kaumwald.bandcamp.com
• Opal Tapes: http://opaltapes.bandcamp.com

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