♫♪  Kid606 - Ejaculazer Tag [EP]

Consider, if you will, the Ejaculazer. Men covet it, women crave it. And, in truth, who among us has not feared it? Only superficially is it obscene. It shines through the night, the seminal light out of which all others gleam. In practice, it’s the very stuff that life is made of.

So, for your consideration, here is Kid606’s Ejaculazer Tag EP, a seven-song suite of ejacuLabyrinths and remixes, sure to be of ejacuLasting appeal. Haters are ejacuLame. These cuts are pretty heavy, with nice sticky trill beats. The last track, “Let’s get radioactive,” features a perfectly dubby drop, plus the diatribe of a not happy robot, waxing hectic about extraterrestrials and the like. All hail the atomic savior.

Ejaculazer Tag is officially out on March 26, from the ejacuLabel Tigerbeat6.

• Kid606: http://soundcloud.com/kid606
• Tigerbeat6: http://www.tigerbeat6.com

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