♫♪  Kidsuke - Tiny Concrete Block

The notes to this upcoming release from the Project Mooncircle camp are so devoid of intelligibility that they are genuinely exhilarating. For example: “The music trickles in. It sounds like it was made in a toy factory. Hold on. Let me reach for the button over there. Childhood memories. The magical sounds of a roundabout sending you to sleep.” I haven’t seen such joyous nonsense since I laid a set of eyes on the press release for Bear In Heaven’s Beast Rest Forth Mouth, which claimed not only that the band had “unbuttoned sound and realigned it,” but also that they’d somehow managed to “redefine time, and fold it.” Whatever that means, they most definitely didn’t do it.

Anyway, what’s important here is that Kidsuke is a happy marriage. Kidkanevil may reside in Yorkshire, but his releases and performances are saturated in Japanese imagery. Daisuke Tanabe is a Japanese resident with a penchant for the soulful and the complex. Consequently, their first offering is a playful paean to the joys of collaboration. No one invades the limelight, no one steals the show. Instead, each element locks humbly in place thanks to slow xylophone and churning bass.

• Kidkanevil: http://kidkanevil.bandcamp.com
• Daisuke Tanabe: http://soundcloud.com/daisuketanabe
• Project Mooncircle: http://www.projectmooncircle.com

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