♫♪  ki/nu - Amigo

So there’s this bottomless pit of a genre called “beat music”, and it’s goddamn packed to the brim with meh producers who copy each other. Everyone has a sp-404. Everyone uses heavy doses of that specific sampler’s Vinyl Sim, DJFX Looper, and Filter. Everyone strips the high end to almost nothing on their hi-hats. Everyone has swingtastic drums. EVERYONE.

Now, with that said, there’s a reason everybody does this shit, because when someone with talent and a good ear employs these tropes, what comes out is a finely sculpted nugget of ear gold.

Which brings me to ki/nu. The Brazilian producer is one of the few who can use the trademarks of the genre without boring you to death. He ain’t no water-treder, sloppily flipping 45s with minimal effort in hopes of likes or follows. Dude seems chill as fuck, and his music proves it. His sample selection, length of tracks, and careful use of the capabilities of his sp-404 make for an extremely relaxing, noddy journey. Nothing jumps out and fucks with you. YOU fucks with it. Get it, Amigo?

And I mean get Amigo, either by gripping a copy from See See Tapes, or just checking out the stream below. Or fucking jump off a bridge for all I care. Wait, don’t do that. Just listen.

• ki/nu: https://soundcloud.com/ki-nu
• See See Tapes: https://seeseetapes.bandcamp.com

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