First-wave hardcore punk and Golden Age hip-hop aren’t just seamlessly interspersed on “CAMP CHESSNUT”: they’re indistinguishable — a single, countercultural chimera that’s as effortless and irreverent as either genre has waxed on its own. Rounding out the first third of his new mixtape, DOPE, samples what sounds like KOOL A.D.’s garage-punk side project, Party Animal, tempering the gruff bassline with a spooky woodwind loop.

KOOL’s lyricism is as free-associative and funny as usual. Subject matter ranges from a recently-cancelled CBS sitcom, professional tennis, and space travel. Clocking in at a 90-second clip, “CAMP CHESSNUT” is as terse as any Minor Threat song, although much less aesthetically ascetic. KOOL A.D.’s punk ethos is hedonic and lavish while others’ are aggressively stoic. Free Everybody. Zoot Fantastic. All Love.

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