Kool Keith
Total Orgasm 3

FINALLY!!! The deserved follow-up to Kool Keith’s modern opus Total Orgasm mixtape is HERE: Total Orgasm 3. It’s equal in humor, for sure. Got them above and beyond Earthly rhyme schemes. Even the featured rappers meet that level of fuck-it flow. Although there’s WAY more features on Total Orgasm 3 than the first, it doesn’t stifle the series. And even though, “All songs [are] produced by Kool Keith aka Number One Producer,” production by DJ Junkaz Lou and Mr. Sche give the series a good nod and nod and nod to the beat to feel out. Oh, and it’s still nasty. Still about… oh-wait: sex? Or the vile? ALL DAT! They “Fuck rap [and] taking over this shiiiiit.” I’m being real. Listen to this all day today. It’ll change most of your life, maybe. But having come this far, Keith just follows in Notorious B.I.G.’s infamy, “If I fart on the mic, that shit gonna sound good.” And I HATE referencing old hip-hop like that, and want to KILL people old hip-hop style when they reference it verbally, but Total Orgasm 3 is just the literal version of… well, please listen (around the 16:06 mark <3). Don’t wanna post red-flag spoilers. GET SPOILED ON Total Orgasm 3 NOW!!!!!!!!!

• Kool Keith: http://totalorgasm.bandcamp.com

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