“Branches (Lotide Remix)”

Okay, okay, okay. I swore off “remixes” last year with that Gang Gang Dance bullshit or whatever. But this “Branches (Lotide Remix)” got some interesting clicks on it here. Real smeared kind of stuff for the first two minutes before dropping a drooping beat, which (BAAAAAAAASS)… #lessthanthree. It’s off a four-track EP, where both artists (Kouta and Lotide) flesh out their original tracks and remix each others. Whatever, it sounds fun. And it’s closely following some sounds we’re used to: Leaving Records, Culture Dealer, Heat Rave, WTRCLR. Holy shit @plug. Just flaying how it’s been fried unto me.

• Kouta: http://twitter.com/kouta
• Lotide: http://lotide.tumblr.com

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