Tiny Mix Tapes

Krallice - Go Be Forgotten Go Be Forgotten


The track drops you into the stampede, and you should be trampled. Yet, the frenzied strumming of a resonant and ascending riff sustains you above the fray. Amidst the harmonies battling dissonance for control, the presence of keyboards is a welcomed addition, like cornstarch, thickening the sauce with a dash. You discover that there is a place to which the music of Krallice transports you. It is the realm of stabilized turmoil.  It foments a frenetic tranquility.  It is gripping, a cosmic chaos.
One-third of the way through, an atmospheric interlude releases you to a reverberated netherworld, with the fade in and out of Lev Weinstein’s turbulent percussion as the only tether to the previous land.  It provides a brief respite from the brutality, until moments later when Mick Barr’s eviscerating vocal chords yank you back, and the onslaught resumes. The power, the precision, and the invocation of the paranormal create a captivating phantasmagoria.
In this song, the lows reach fathoms deeper, the highs ascend to greater altitudes, and the minor progressions penetrate levels of dissonance previously unknown. The cohesion of all those elements show the brilliance of Krallice’s craft: a bouillabaisse of noise, metal, mechanics, and harmony.