♫♪  l s d x o x o - sacanagem

The club is a cesspool, a mass of writhing bodies all captured in the same moment of ecstatic release. Whorecore extraordinaire l s d x o x o knows this all too well, crafting tunes for both the floor and the comedown-afflicted shuffle back onto the streets. sacanagem reflects these moods to a largely equal degree: as the tweet goes, this is music for “crying in the club”, harnessing a tangible sense of unease amongst the thumping kicks and fractured “Ha Dance” samples.

These thirteen mutations deal in pop reconfiguration, grotesque house and shades of Bmore club, with all the nu-underground sexy/sad baggage in tow. A fleeting reference to Cowboy Bebop’s leading lady, an #emotional Tinashe flip, features from Cakes da Killa and DonChristian – it’s all here and ready to be eaten on up by Bandcamp-dwellers and club fiends alike. Dark, dank, and suitably perverted; l s d x o x o ain’t out here to be “Susss”, and sacanagem is his most convincing proof yet.

• l s d x o x o: https://www.facebook.com/lsdxoxo

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