♫♪  Laman Equine - “LE#03”

Overwhelming! Not sure if I should dance to, or run from, the techno-industrial complex bumping from Laman Equine’s self-titled debut, so I’ll split the difference an a paroxysm of combined flail. A side project from Andrea Gowasabi - a DJ from Rimini, Italy - the extended, unrelentingly layered track constructions of the Laman Equine project recall a sort of basement Blanck Mass. Sonic gauntlet runs generated on precision instruments, wickedly sharp, but with an edge of analogue decay, like tarnish on chrome.

“LE#03” - the tape’s longest track - whips itself into a grimy, jackhammering assembly line, heaving and grinding away. (All tracks similarly share this clinical naming convention.) Laman Equine’s use of bridle and equestrian imagery investigates dominance games, human/non-human control mechanisms, and the boundary between rider and ridden. Industrial themes in full gallop, released by Detriti Records out of Berlin and already sold out.

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