♫♪  Leif Hall - Voices

Lief Hall is a Berlin-based, Vancouver-raised artist and musician who, with frequent collaborators like Quinne Rodgers (MYTHS) or alone, soars with whatever project in her hands. Her world, sunken and mossy, grown under the guise of a dark, frigid breeze is richly layered. Her 2014 release Voices is a prime example of the dissociative hypnosis one can fall into. Hall’s series of loops and layers wave like meditative corn fields, towering when stacked, siloed, and left to distill. Voices is a somber intoxicant of heavy eyes and a heavy mind.

Lief Hall’s last two releases, Transform and Voices, are now available on cassette from Demark art and sound label PHINERY. The three-track Transform EP from January is juiced up with four new remixes from Moon Wheel, ju ca, rkss, and TMT fav Euglossine, and 2014’s Voices is getting a much deserved reissue.

• Lief Hall: http://www.liefhall.com
• PHINERY: https://phinery.bandcamp.com

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