♫♪  Lenticular Clouds - HEALTH GODS

Lenticular Clouds is back after what may be lifetimes absorbed in photocurrents. Gorgeous and abundant, HEALTH GODS contains 6 tracks – Dian Cecht, Hygieia, Imhotep, Kukulkan, Osiris, and Tartessos – all named after gods of health and healing. The artist, Albert Zaragoza Gas, explains “HEALTH GODS is based on 6 different deities of ancient cultures related to health and healing. A personal, social and planetary healing that can be carried out according to lifestyles, ways of understanding existence on earth and rituals that are at the bottom of our collective memory. These ancient spiritual practices are key to its essence, but have to return from innovation, from the creation of new standards, not from imitation or apology from the past, take what essentially beneficial of these ancient cultures and reinvent it from the context of today.”

He continues with the short, spinning, 3D visual accompaniments of each track that “disentangle the relationship between the tangible and the digital. The sculptures are designed from a single frame of a .mov animation, freezing the object in digital absolution, free from the ever-accelerating culture around it. The touch of these finely shaped objects in ones hand is comforting, grounding the holder with it as the plethora of data negotiated in a single day swirls around this single moment in time. The inhabitants of the digital realm, in navigating these masses of data, develop a default and these digital netsuke like objects, developed with the deities of ancient cultures that relate to healing in mind, can sit on ones desk, or in ones pocket to be touched and fondled and felt, to become part of ones life and ground one in a solidity when information becomes oppressive.”

After immersing yourself in the world from Lenticular Clouds’ HEALTH GODS, in health and leisure, check the models for “Hygieia” and “Imhotep” which are available for purchase. Each is made to order. Hygieia’s comes in two different materials: copper or bronze. Imhotep comes in three different colors: glow in the dark, light pink, and stark white.

The album will be available free of charge beginning May 1.

• Lenticular Clouds: https://lenticularclouds.bandcamp.com
• Post Religion: https://post-religion.bandcamp.com

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