Les Halles

Picking up where …On Sea-Faring Isolation left off on Not Not Fun, deep gazer and holistic musician Les Halles follows up last year’s Forum cassette with a new vinyl LP entitled TRANSIENT (and optional bonus EP cassette, SENTIENT). Off the June 17 release, Les Halles is proud to bring listeners a taste of TRANSIENT by-way of “Thresholds,” the album’s second track. And it bubbles while soaring, while fluting an echo in slow-motion reverberation dipping the chalice of life into an ocean of green and chance. “Thresholds” is where we are all taken throughout the year/month/week/day, and I’ve a feeling Les Halles is way ahead of us on getting a calmer vibe popping.

TRANSIENT (and optional experience SENTIENT) (cover art by Dieter Durinck) is out June 17 on Not Not Fun, composed by Les Halles. “Thresholds” is for your listening pleasure, below:

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