♫♪  Lieven Martens / Dolphins Into The Future - 26 Shores of Chorals [Underwater Peoples Mixtape #5]

Mm, Lieven Martens. Listen to that seductive introduction. I’m not sure how many times the warm weather can “officially start” on the internet, but with this mix, it HAS! Just, the most beautiful melodies and harmonies, reality smacks you so hard on this mix you might have to constantly check your environment. Best part about this is I was making my summer “RITUAL” mixtape last week and was tracking it similar to Lieven’s tape here, but with less of an island theme. However, I’m more satisfied with 26 Shores of Chorals because of my extreme deserted-island fetish. Thanks, The Blue Lagoon. And thank you, Lieven, always forever (next summer, maybe?). ALSO-ALSO, don’t try and purchase this shit; it’s just digital. So, take ya cassette recorder, crank your car stereo, and smack that red button for maximum shit-fi pleasure!

• Dolphins into the Future: http://cetaceannationcommunications.blogspot.com
• Underwater Peoples: http://underwaterpeoples.com

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