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I don’t care that Earth Day already came and went — Earth Day is EVERY DAY, so says Life Education, aka Patrick R. Pärk, formerly Kösmonaut. Nature Cat says so too, and my seven-year-old son takes that to heart and picks up trash whenever he sees it. (Even tissues, much to my and his mom’s horror, but we bite our tongues…) So Earth Tones (Ethereal Mother) is a special release for our special planet, a special lady that I like to call “Mother Earth.”


And Life Education went all in for this one.

Not content heave a hunk of plastic or vinyl upon the world, another in a long line of records that would simply end up in a landfill in a hundred years, PRP has released Earth Tones, his “sonic love letter” to our planet, in a much more reusable fashion … heavy emphasis on the “fashion.” That’s right, Earth Tones is that elusive creature, the t-shirt release, a wearable album that’s as much form as function, as much about your individual enjoyment of music as your outward expression of personality.

In short, Life Education has given you the opportunity to wear your heart on your literal sleeve and unobtrusively, perhaps subliminally, influence the decisions of those around you.

Influencing those around you to dunk their heads into the heavy metals (Periodic Table-y speaking) of Life Education’s cosmic synth-prog, that is! If you’re a newbie, here’s where you start. Everything on Earth Tones is compiled from unreleased recordings all “created for purposes of earth worship,” and all proceeds go to the Colorado Tree Coalition (Pärk is based in Denver, after all). So not only is this perfect for shutting your eyes and completely zoning out to for hours on end, it will also lighten the load that conscience of yours is bearing at the moment, what with all the rampant consuming you’re doing at any point during the day.

Plus the tracklist is listed on the back of the shirt — how cool is that?

Now if we could only figure out a way to launder our clothes without using environmentally harmful detergent … Maybe I just won’t wash this shirt at all — these spaghetti stains aren’t noticeable, are they?

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