Lingering in the apartment parking lot across from the corner of Channel Drive and Shore Road, I’m staking out a mysterious locale in my neighborhood while listening to the new track “AzTeK.” by LiL ≏ JaBBA and “writing” about it here via voice-to-text on my phone. “Why you staking this trap out, yo?” Well, I’m curious ‘cause nobody in my community drives the type of fly-ass whips that usually pop out this traffic light at random. So, the gumshoe in me wanted to finally find out. And “OH!” how perfect does “AzTeK.” fit this situation? If I could only explain without… WAIT, here comes a pair of halogen lights now!

Sorry, I dropped my phone while ducking outta sight. OK, I know “phoning” while driving is a crime against humanity, but my hands are on the wheel and I’m tailing this fucker hardcore as LiL ≏ JaBBA runs that deep rhythm. But as the track starts to soar, so does the car ,and I can’t hit 60 in two seconds. I’m flippin’ a bitch, and WHYYY is a HAIM track directly preceding “AzTeK.” on SoundCloud? Whatever, I’m turning into where I saw them headlights emerge. It’s a garage warehouse that’s FUCKING opening up! I gotta jet, shit. Blocked from behind, WTF? Oh, silhouettes are daunting. Mr P, if I’m not on by 9 AM, edit this and publish my…

[electric whirling] “Who you talking to?” [muffled]

• LiL ≏ JaBBA:

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