♫♪  Lil B The BasedGod - Ultimate Bitch Mixtape

Random facts/opinions/etc.:

- Best overall vocal performance: “Think Im Based Remix”
- Best Based performance: “Ima Bitch”
- Best R&B performance: “Oakland to Berkeley”
- Best Yeezy-like production: “Gucci Shotgun”
- Best song with a fake accent: “For the BasedGod” (at 1:40)
- Most controversial song: “Swag My Bitch Up”
- Random lyric #1: “Ima buy pussy in front of you and your woman.”
- Random lyric #2: “Lil B has so much rare art.”
- Random lyric #3: “Right here, fuck with BasedGod, that’s Lil B/ I think I know Lil B/ Is that really Lil B?”
- First lyric from “No Black Person Is Ugly”: “No black person is ugly”
- Song that should have a “Mustard on the beat, hoe!” drop: “Love Buyin Pussy”
- Songs that use the MKII “toasty!” sample: “Girl When I Want You,” “Oakland to Berkeley”
- # of times Lil B says “Lil B” in the intro of a song: 14 (of 22)
- # of times Lil B says “It’s your boy, Lil B” in the intro of a song: 7 (of 22)
- # of songs Lil B says “Ultimate Bitch” in its first 15 seconds: 8 (of 22)
- # of songs Lil B says “Ultimate Bitch” at its end: 1
- # of times Lil B says “bitch”: 24,205
- # of songs that are RARE and COLLECTIBLE: 22 (of 22)
- Best artwork inspired by Ultimate Bitch Mixtape: “He’s Back” by C Monster

Download here AND stream below:

• Lil B: https://twitter.com/LILBTHEBASEDGOD

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