Out of death comes life and an archive. BWWWOYS is dead after two years and 161mb worth of rowwwdiness. In memoriam, we’re gathered here today to observe the blocked ascension that caused a war and later proclaimed in the book of ANGELYSIUM.

The war, fought over immortality and the blood of pagan gods by fallen angels, saw LIT INTERNET (an @INTERNET2K alias? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) enlists their eAngels against restrictive MMOWs. Past BWWWOYS collaborators and remixers ENDGAMƎ, Summer of Haze, and 4BIDDEN along with NAAFI’s lao, GRONOS1, and Lit Daw, all armed with chrome plates and serrated blackout knives, tear through second textural dimensions quickly with without causalities, but are stalled between the third and fourth. The ten chapters of ANGELYSIUM detail the LIT INTERNET-led front of banshees, under armour, ice bows, the second coming, and how lit the future will be. Read up in the stream and grip the .zip.

• LIT INTERNET: https://soundcloud.com/litinternet
• BWWWOYS: http://www.bwwwoys.com

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