♫♪  LiL ♎ JaBBA - “That Life”

Whenever I think of the name LiL ♎ JaBBA, I always think of this, only replace “girl” with “name.” Listen, the more Jurassic Park links I put in, the more points I get with the old ball-and-chain (she’s a J-Park fanatic). But she never reads these, so in light of that, she also does a good verbal version of footwork/juke when she’s in her talking-zone. I was also hoping for some James Brown sampling here, using that lounge sound errrbody else is fronting on the scene. But, wherever. Originality, ya lingo? So, what do you think? Is LiL ♎ JaBBA just an imitation of? Or a new cutter and stacker? We’ll find out if he’s ever picked up through someone/thing major. At this moment, I’ve listened to this track so many times, it’s hard to say if the music is making me anxious to hear more tracks, or turn it off.

*****OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, wait wait wait wait. Scope this shit out. WTRCLR fucking picked up his newest release? That’s AMAZING!! HAH, talk about a quick turn of events.

• LiL ♎ JaBBA: http://liljabba.bandcamp.com
• WTRCLR: http://wtrclr.com

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