♫♪  LILLITH twin - of flame & love

Had a dream once I was taking a monorail above a forrest stretching in all unseeable directions. My brother, and a childhood friend, Julia, are with me in the monorail cart. I’m trying to convince Julia this is just a dream, and my brother is telling me to stop because it seemed like a temptations conversation; Julia’s family was very Christian centered. Only I couldn’t tell who dream of ours we were in, since I wasn’t controlling the cart, or knowing where it was going.

of flame & love is 100% lucid. Full capability of clarity intertwined with LILLITH twin. Sobriety pissing out all the mud. Crackling memory glitching back to the forefronts of your mind. At least for a month now, Dream Catalogue been building up to a totally new phase of curation. Logging in and out. Getting excited to go out: lucid. “I get it,” as a mantra, ad nauseum. Luminous. LILLITH twin’s of flame & love is a blazing third-eye:

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