♫♪  Linden Pomeroy - Resurface

You know that hollow space between falling asleep and trying to imagine the sounds you hear at night? Like, how yesterday you heard an entire conversation outside, but there was nobody there, so really what you heard was an audible hallucination emitting from an air purifier in the living room. Then a *creek* and your sig-nif is standing directly behind you and is like, “Who’s out there?” And you reveal it’s nobody, showing your potentially going crazy, so falling completely asleep becomes something of a challenge and a race against time and your alarm to make that paycheck on time in the morning. Linden Pomeroy does all this in the most peaceful way possible by following the always lit Illuminated Paths to Resurface.

Structurally, Resurface is both a practice in strumming and finding out how far effects on a strum can stretch around pensive angelic vocals. Cut back to that unforgiving manic night; remember, you’re a maniac? What Linden Pomeroy provides listeners is a very PG-rated, toned-down version of audible hallucination by-way of the sandman. It’s almost as if Resurface means “To Help Relax” in old Germanic tongue. And much like the front-cover, Linden Pomeroy seeps into life like a haze that’s worth waiting out than shaking off. Resurface is practice in satiating your inanity. Illuminated Paths knows ‘caught they popped it on professionally at-home high bias reels for your calming pleasure, including two cassette only bonus tracks.

Roll with Linden Pomeroy’s Resurface below and find yourself on the tape slang at Illuminated Paths ASAP:

• Linden Pomeroy: https://lindenpomeroy.bandcamp.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.org

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