♫♪  Living Ghost - “Frank Grimes’ Funeral”

Call me part sucker, part enthusiast for anything that indulges in occultic vibes or the unilluminated sounds. I’m still not certain whether that’s due to some animating energy in mystery, stirring me towards music of psychic persuasions or something more mundane; perhaps it’s an innocence I indulge myself with, getting less novel with a gradual familiarization of colorful, black arts. All the same, if you can sonically flay me like Living Ghost, I’ll keep to that indulgence with devilish satisfaction.

“Frank Grimes’ Funeral” is straight up revenant rock, post-punk endorsed by no less than the twelfth trump. It seeps with a liturgical vibe, but less worship and more lament, belted from gallows-made-pew. The man there knows his tomes, scorched every which way into his once-apathetic mind. And holy hell, this track is quite a tome: altar chalk-caked vocals high above the slow boil psych. Living Ghost doesn’t burden their sound with static, they subsume in it; it’s a sound in that nether and tethered only by snare and those laments. Though by the end of “Frank Grimes’ Funeral”, those laments may just be an incantation after all, depraved doomsaying with more than a smile across the lips.

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