♫♪  Lofty305 - Posh Quest

It drips like slime. It hovers like smoke.

Remember that ad campaign Wendy’s pushed about five years ago? The crusade to get their customers to refer to the Frosty as neither solid, nor liquid, but as a substance that existed in its own “soquid” state of matter mean to be eaten with a “fpoon”?

Yeah, I didn’t either. At least, not until I decided earlier today to bump Posh Quest, the latest addition to Lofty305’s abundant back catalogue of mixtapes.

The Florida-born rapper/producer’s second release in as many months is most amorphous to date, reveling in its own trip-hop ambiguity. It’s introspective and patient — a time-out called to give Lofty’s metaphysical self-examination a chance to take a breather on the bench. DnB breakbeats sub in for lyricism, peppering gaseous walls of dream-pop drones with a shower of machine-gun snares that kneads the listener’s psyche into a doughy snake.

Forget states of matter, though. As tough as it is to categorize Posh Quest scientifically, it is somehow harder to pin a musical genre tag or comparison onto the record. “Herbal Trance” rips through the fabric of the universe on the strength of its Warp Records rhythmic frenzy, undoing the gluey, future-emo stitching of “Intro” while “Roll With Me” seeps from the torn suture like a Massive Attack remix of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”.

Oddly enough, it’s this sense of fragmentation that ties the project together so neatly. Posh Quest is as organic and unpredictable as life itself, yet it still searches for a Zen-like state of contentment to nestle into. The listener is the eye of this tumult, the calm at the center of the scramble. It’s up to you to give it a home.

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