♫♪  L’Orange & Kool Keith - Time? Astonishing!

Imagine, if you would, that the being known as Kool Keith was not after all a human named Keith Matthew Thornton who was born sometime during the latter half of the 20th century, but actually an interdimensional traveler’s offspring who was raised with no concept of time as we know it, pop-locking between eras like a military brat changes states, until getting separated from his birth parents during a test flight, like Cyclops from Corsair, and ending up with a Bronx foster family and an on-again/off-again mental blockage that obscures his memories of these (past?) events.

That would explain why Kool Keith has been able to sustain a successful career as a hip-hop performer past the (supposed?) age of 50; his penchant for creating and killing off time-traveling alter egos; why he was recently drawn to work with Nashville-based producer L’Orange, who’s best known for crafting instrumental storybook-soundscapes using pre-1950s jazz records and old time radio shows; and why their collaborative project aptly titled Time? Astonishing! “is about a man in the early 20th century who is a bored explorer and finds technology to go into the future - but he does so without any sense of adventure. He travels through time as if he is traveling to Tuscaloosa. He is then hospitalized as insane and then goes into suspended animation (a metaphor for his subconscious while sedated in the hospital).”

Watch the video for track 6 here, stream the full album below, and exchange your time credits for the CD or LP via the nanotech executive produced by Mello Music Group founder Michael Tolle (buy it on his website).

P.S. Look out for Tiny Mix Tapes’ feature interview with L’Orange, which is scheduled to take place this Thursday and be posted online sometime there-after, but truthfully has always existed, is happening right now, and will continue forever ad infinitum.

• L’Orange: http://lorangeproductions.com
• Kool Keith: http://www.koolkeith.co.uk
• Mello Music Group: http://www.mellomusicgroup.com

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