Rubies EP

These RAJA releases come outta nowhere. The first I heard of this kid was in 2011 with The October Series, which was something like 72 tracks spread across three mixes titled Red, White, and Color. I can’t think of a release I liked more than those three in 2011. In fact, I can’t think of anything in 2012 that I liked more than those three mixes. The Rubies EP is right up there with The October Series, though it’s much, much shorter. With all of the salivating tape-hiss and homages to other producers still in place, this short one from RAJA is shaping up to be a 2013 favorite for me already, and I’ve only been listening to it for about a week.

Check out the Rubies EP below:

• (Lord) RAJA: https://soundcloud.com/lordraja
• Ghostly: http://www.ghostly.com

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