♫♪  Luca Lozano - “Immer Mittwoch”

100% Silk just put out two pulsing, late night dancefloor burners as part of their always enjoyable tape collection. I can’t tell you how much I love throwing on one of their cassettes while I’m making dinner (as I’m too boring to go out to the clubs), and the latest from Berlin’s Luca Lozano is a bumping ride you’ll want to take again and again. “Immer Mittwoch” sweeps you up in the groove, and if you dig the vibes on this one, the rest of the Isolation Distorts cassette jacks like the suave love child of Detroit and Berlin house. Try not to find yourself bobbing your head at your desk to this one, take it to your next party, and get wild on the weekend.

• 100% Silk: www.listentosilk.com
• Luca Lozano: https://soundcloud.com/lucalozano

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