♫♪  Luna the Wolf - “Somewhere else.”

The synthesized brass swells and plinks of keyboard that make up Luna the Wolf’s latest instrumental composition may fall short of grace — hiccuping on the bulges of a four-on-the-floor kick pattern — but it’s all the more noble for its near miss.

Imagine a small procession of uniformed students cycling in single file between columns of pews to receive their Eucharistic wafers. A viola, a clarinet, the small-but-resolute choir, and the obligatory piano fill the chapel with approximate harmonies that float like strange incense.

Though firmly entrenched in the digital world, “Somewhere else.” is a liturgical fever dream that is rife with Humanism. It revels in intentional imperfection as crunchy, skittering percussion steps on the toes of nervously-pressed keys. It’s a first dance with post-Vaporwave ambience — delicate, but klutzy — awkward, yet uninhibited.

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