♫♪  M ∆ R G ∆ E U X - ¥ U ® T _>_ F E. D O ® ∆

Is M ∆ R G ∆ E U X’s new c10 on Big Ear Tapes the soundtrack to a demented midnight movie? Maybe just a short? If so, where the hell’s the screen? Ripped up? Shredded? Scorched? All together gone?

Contradictions and distractions, I suppose. ¥ U ® T _>_ F E. D O ® ∆ reminds me of a damaged film score, obviously, with its digitally-aged scuffs, gnarled tones, and skipping audio; and yeah, all of those descriptions are fine and nice, but it’s so much more than that pithy alignment of words. Just listen to the pleasant paint drops dripping from the stream. See the dying fields and failing crops. Feel the kink in your neck from starring at passing light poles. Can you serve squares? Squalor? This stationary is outdated and full of holes, but fill it full, please. Absorb and be absorbed. Conceal the audio data within your spine and mind; let it congeal. View with extremity. Hear absolutely. And, if you like, purchase one of the five copies of the cassette here.

• Big Ear Tapes: http://bigeartapes.com

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