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chipping at . away at landlock with looney saws until it is an island that we drift off on.we are separate from our landlock habits and spared our looney shapeshifting and sweating rotary phones.it gives . esp.     a lot of time to indulge and to think.

  On the island, the other day, I saw my neighbor swallow a tongue. If it was their own or someone else’s, I do not know. They had their mouth closed, so I could not see the details. Tongue came out the ass and had to go back through. We were in some earth-y loop now, whining and moaning and writhing. Seemed we had brought our habits along with us on our island. I felt homesick, even though I was home? Even though I was a tongue? A “buzzer” .

There was less detail to our actions. We cooperated with ease - less noise and argument. Like I said, more time to indulge and to think. As a consequence, our actions became more… abstract. Things become clearer. More abstract and clearer. Clear like blown out, like a traffic flare or a platter of small explosions.
-(island excerpts)

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