♫♪  madeintyo - Kanazawa-Bunko

Despite the fact that madeintyo rose to prominence on the strength of “Uber Everywhere” — the Tokyo-born, Atlanta-based trap-rapper’s 2016 viral ode to private ridesharing — it’s evident that a deep-seated love for more public means of transportation steers his recent creative output. Kanazawa-Bunko, the spiritual-successor to his 2015 Yokozuka Station EP, collects four blissed-out instrumentals produced specifically “to listen to on the train in Japan”.


Alongside fellow producers AltoSounds and Stlndrms, madeintyo polka-dots his mix with clipped vocal samples and gluey dabs of keyboard, 5-0 grinding the horizon line as you chug towards your destination. Why Uber/Lyft/Drive when you can feel the gnostic rumble of mass-transit against your back? How does it feel to be a vessel —> incubating in the warm protection of a larger vessel —> moving in one straight line —> part of something so heavy, so full of kinetic energy?

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