♫♪  Manast - “Sookah”

Looking for new minimalist, forward-thinking hip-hop to impress your friends with and heat up those (coming) summer nights now that The Weeknd is rockin’ the pop radio waves? Well, look no further than 21-year-old Parisian rapper Manast, whose track “Sookah” features ultra-lazed-out production from one Ryan B. It comes to us courtesy of the ever-on-point label Kitsune.

“Sookah” is the lead track from the appropriately named Known as Sookah EP, which tells the story of a young lady who Manast met during one long, cold Parisian winter and the complexities of their relationship. The EP also seems to actually be more of what us old-timers refer to as a “maxi single,” which basically means the lead single plus 17 different remixes, but hey, you do you, Manast/Kitsune.

Listen to “Sookah” here:

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