♫♪  ManeMane4CGG - Young and Ruthless

// Chiraq John Carpenter // Chiraq Danny Elfman // Chiraq 4AD Records //


Young and Ruthless blinks by like a slasher flick on speed, each Rorschach flash of carnage gracing the LCD screen for just enough time to burn their outlines onto the surface of your cortex. Soundtracked by ProtegeBeatz’s creeping, Reich-ian orchestration, ManeMane4CGG is a human vapor trail, a formless cloud of anxiety and visceral release.

Headlights swell like pustules on the windshield, each greasy flash a peal of nausea taken to the torso. This gargoyle synthscape is diet cola on the brain; you are breathing in the dread, wallowing in it.


“Kennedy had the moon-landing program. Reagan had star-wars. Clinton gets the first-wave of cyberspace psychosis (even before the film). Manned space flight was a stunt, SDI was strategic SF. With the information superhighway media nightmares take off on their own: dystopia delivery as election platform, politics trading on its own digital annihilation.

War in cyberspace is continuous with its simulation: military intelligence fighting future wars which are entirely real, even when they are never implemented outside computer systems. Locking onto the real enemy crosses smoothly into virtual kill, a simulation meticulously adapted to market predators hunting for consumer cash and audience ratings amongst the phosphorescent relics of the videodrome.” - Nick Land (“Meltdown”)

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