♫♪  &manymayo - “Tortoise Function”

Splendid blinds. Just enough of a crease to rubberneck the factory shell. All these metal minions, creaking and humming against sterile walls, building microscopic components. Gain and control.

Splendid chair, to slump and count mental amounts in. Sums of digital wealth. Machines can’t complain; can work until useless. Then, can be sold off for scrap. Lost movements turned into new profits. Humans are cranky; flawed. Much better to replace them and their inconsistencies.

Splendid existence. Surrounded by accuracy. Sure, glitches happen. But these malfunctions can be overlooked. Precise machines. Aren’t thoughtful; just mindful. All for the good of things.

• &manymayo: https://soundcloud.com/andmanymayo

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