♫♪  Marcy Mane - “Come Clean” (prod. Oogie Mane)

“y’all boys sus af y’all prolly shop @ shopjeen - marcy mane

Marcy and Oogie are determined to scrub out your woefully outdated Instagram aesthetic, extended-clip Lysol spray bottles and stainless steel scouring pads aimed at any pastel-goth color gradient or Adidas logo within cleansing distance.

The latest collaboration between the two Manes takes the form of “Come Clean”, the first peek that Goth Money Records devotees can sneak in anticipation of the collective’s upcoming TECH PALMS 4 compilation. Marcy weaves laconic strands of slacker-rap indifference through Oogie’s maze of rubbery avant-trap, walls of ominous sub-bass threatening to lure stray bars into an aural dead end. Clocking in at a brief minute and 50 seconds, it’s the sort of cut that’s jarring upon one’s first listen, but dares you to give it another quick shot. Like the second sip of coffee that’s significantly less scalding than the first, subsequent listens build up one’s tolerance for the duo’s aggressive density. Before long you won’t be able to wake up without the buzz. :^)

Texturally similar to Dean Blunt’s mixtape discography — yet perhaps more accessible — Goth Money Records’ current musical output is an ultra-compressed, hypnagogic reconstruction of Soundcloud-rap tropes that keeps one foot firmly planted in the now and the other hovering warily above the chilly waters of futurist atonality.

Nearing the cusp of 2k17, Marcy Mane and Oogie Mane seem ready to dive in the pool. You can join them if you feel you’re ready. Just make sure to hit the showers first.

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