♫♪  Marie Davidson - Marie Davidson

A hi-hat clicks into the natural reverb of an empty room. Claustrophobic arpeggios and low-end drones crest over primal drum loops: boom boom boom boom BA BA BA x 12. A woman’s voice intones (sweet) (detached) (ominous) French (promises) (discoveries) (threats). Close your eyes and its almost like you can see the notes spinning around you, beckoning you in with little vibrating hands. Temporary synesthesia: the snare is white, the bass drum is black, the voice oscillates from green to blue, the synth is too rainbow to figure out. Marie Davidson stands across from you in that part your mind that resembles a derelict warehouse, surrounded by synthesizers, mic in hand, doing all of the things at once, filling the void with dark textures and dark ideas. Just for you, you think. “Just for me.” Her session gathers and loops more little melodies, intensifying, as her words hang in the open space, just for you.

Holodeck Records continues their mission to bring the finest nocturnal, mystifying tones to our eardrums. If Troller’s industrial death-knell spooked you just right, Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist/composer Marie Davidson’s self-titled EP of jet-black electronic pop — now available on cassette — might do it even better. When she packs up her gear and heads out into the night, it’s not over yet. Take a seat. You’ll still hear her in your head, “Je sais que je sais que je sais / Je sais que je sais que je sais” x ∞.

• Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com

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