♫♪  Mark Aubert - Dining Room

In the (m)eternal words of P and C, “Hi!”


Back to business: Mark Aubert recently cobbled together some forgotten (not by me!) streams and dreams into one rotator. The whole thing is entitled Dining Room (yum!), and the good folks at Acorn Tapes (double yum!!) were kind enough to put out cassette versions for him. Wasn’t that sweet of them?

Now, track one may have made me kiss butts (Hi!), but the remainder of the tape made/makes me shake butt(s). Seriously, there’s some truly unique flips on this tape. Fuck, the dude rocks three 303s AND a Oberheim DX. Of course it’s good. Fifty deep in the physical realm; endlessly playable in any realm. As of now, only six are left, so hop to it if you want to hold a little piece of Marky-boy in your soft, fleshy hands.

• Mark Aubert: http://markaubert.bandcamp.com
• Acorn Tapes: http://acorntapes.bandcamp.com

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