♫♪  Mark Aubert/Ridgewell - Average Day Picture/Boats

Imagine finally getting a fucking second of freedom at your job and hiding behind one of the rowed aisles of products and packaging and pulling out your phone to check the various online outlets for new musical releases. While quickly scrolling through the tapes and streams and whatnot, some of of them seem promising, some not so much. But then, a split tape between beat maestros Mark Aubert and Ridgewell floats across your screen, and you click on it, excited for the opportunity to support these two talented chaps, only to find the nemesis to tapeheads, foe to all who scrounge the depths of Bandcamp for reeled dopeness: the dreaded SOLD OUT link.

But, even though all the tapes have been selfishly eaten up by faceless beatheads, at least the digital files are still available. Phew!!

And on this wonderful split, Aubert drops some more of his well-balanced, yet blown out drums along with some carefully cut samples. His shit always makes me wanna dance, but in my chair. Maybe even in my bed. You know, some of that good old fashioned bed boogie?

Ridgewell doesn’t disappoint either on his side of the split. His swing-tastic drums are the upfront star of the show, but damnit if his jazzy sample selections don’t inspire one to perspire, too. Mark Average Day Picture/Boats down twice for bed boogie.

• Mark Aubert: https://soundcloud.com/MarkAubert
• Ridgewell: https://soundcloud.com/ridgewell
• See See Tapes: http://seeseetapes.tumblr.com

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