♫♪  Maximino - /​/​\​\​/​/​\​\​axi​/​/​\​\​/​/​\​\​ixtape vol. I

Long hidden in the swamps, forests, and caves – oh the caves he has seen – Orlando’s Maximino (a.k.a. Gerald Perez) is steadily back in the public, non-Floridian eye. Last July, Maximino and Broken Machine Films (a.k.a. Illuminated Path’s own Joshua Roberts) were involved in part one of a two-part audio/visual experience aptly named “Film Speak.” The live recordings were released on tape in November, and they’re both on tour with hella kids – more info on their Vapor Nights Mixtape page.

A near five years since a full-length Maximino, /​/​\​\​/​/​\​\​axi​/​/​\​\​/​/​\​\​ixtape vol. I slides through like PRN on his purple bike (visual evidense). Maximino soars on “When I Took Things Slow” and “Want Me To,” and doesn’t forget its tender touch on “Lady In The Water” or “Echinacea.” Nothing sour in sight,/​/​\​\​/​/​\​\​axi​/​/​\​\​/​/​\​\​ixtape vol. I is a groove lozenge ready to remedy any chilly room.

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