♫♪  Maymind - Cheap Storage

Been waiting on this one! Cheap Storage by Maymind is a real tricky one to predict. Even within the first two minutes of “K Density” listeners get completely seduced by a beat that wraps itself around shifting attention spans in a beat. Lo’s and hi’s entwine in harmony embracing the “Cheap Storage,” where as “Loneliness and a Kick Drum” works on a breathlessness, driving lush keys straight “From the Rooftop We Could See the Skyline.” The crystallization of house tropes stripped away are most prominent in “Continuous Spectrum,” “Codependent” is the thesis behind Cheap Storage’s production (but I’ll choose not to explain myself here, or ever), and “No Headlights, One Glove” leaves us open to the hopeful sequel as Maymind speeds off into the night.

Cheap Storage by Maymind is out now on Atlantic Rhythms via cassette and digital, streaming below:

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