♫♪  Mazozma - Wake Up Baby

I was back in my hometown for a funeral this weekend, spending equal time between family and numbing everything under my skin. In the realm of accidental meditation where your vision blurs, your ears go deaf, and the gunk hammocked inside your skull sleeps. It usually lasts for only a few seconds but, depending on circumstance, the time spent between there and not there, perceived consciences and spacey, shrinks.

It’s this frequency of departure Mazozma’s (a.k.a. Ma Turner) Wake Up Baby holds. An image inside my head switches between this opaque screen and a clear, blue, hundred-foot pine tree shaded, late-winter day. It’s the rural terrain inside Wake Up Baby. Its mountainside terrain warmed by the sun and chilled by the snow. It lives up near the top of the trees where the wind is king, where the view is best, where I leave my head.

Wake Up Baby is out now on Crash Symbols.

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