♫♪  Melja - “Steady Mobbin’”

Another killer EP from Mister Saturday Night, this time from French producer Melja (real name Nathan Ifergan). While the label occasional doles out more low-key, minimal techno (such as Gunnar Huslam’s stunner from earlier in the year, Steady Mobbin’ contains three lean, no bullshit house tracks that are bumpin’ from start to finish.

The story goes that Ifergan was too young to attend the fabled MSN parties, but he managed to get in touch with Justin and Eamon at a Brooklyn record store. From there he cut these three gems specifically for the label, and they do not disappoint. Much like the well-curated vinyl they spin at their parties, MSN know some good tunes when they hear them, and you’ll be thinking the same after you stream Steady Mobbin’ below. The EP is out now and you can purchase the vinyl here.

• Mister Saturday Night: http://mistersaturdaynight.com

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