♫♪  Meme Vivaldi - 420

“There is not great genius without some touch of madness.”

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Who cares?


Meme Vivaldi’s 420 cassette, released September 1 via his publishing hub AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS, is already sold out. I’ve been known to sit on the joint for too long. Cindy let me know I roll pinners. We smoked one out my window when we lived together this past summer. I was never able to roll anything smokeable until my roommate Daniel showed me these rolling papers made by artist and designer Tauba Auerbach. He doesn’t smoke, so he left them on the kitchen table for me. They come with extra long pieces of heavy paper to be used as crutches, stabilizing, long minutes, turn to hours of 420, and especially “420 (dedicated to Hype Williams),” with its slow progressions and sudden accelerations, like at minute 4:50, when something especially beautiful takes off. Everything’s suddenly of interest: the way a grapevine crawls up the tree in the backyard, the way the black cat lounges in the tall grass, lounging, buzzing, from my room to the lounge, through to the kitchen, swirls around the table, peeps into Daniel’s room, big smiles all around.

My eyes are all red right now from flying on too many planes and not drinking enough fluids. I’ve been dehydrated for two weeks, and snacking. Bread cheese grapes peaches pretzels chips little chocolates salami. I keep trying to deny myself, but Meme Vivaldi just keeps on giving. So far, this year, he’s served forth:

1. nyapster.bandcamp.com/album/kitty-music
2. poorlittlemusic.bandcamp.com/album/meme…plm149-c48
3. ingrown.bandcamp.com/album/black-ferrari
4. illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/london-prayer
5. Musique (et Video) d’Ameublement, www.youtube.com/watch?v=quqmtuY24qk&t=1150s
6. https://soundcloud.com/meme-vivaldi/sets/surfin-jesus-in-gloria-self
7. MIDI Random Hangover: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y3j9GiFUXg&t=12s
8. https://soundcloud.com/metamemes2/sets/mozart-is-dead-2-by-meme
9. afrikapseudobruitismus1.bandcamp.com/album/420
10. afrikapseudobruitismus1.bandcamp.com/album/…phonia

With a special shout to #4.

Meme’s unstoppable. I been hooked since I first heard his tape Smile on Roof Garden Records/Poor Little Music last year. That one sold out, too, before I could buy it, although one song from that tape, “Are You Happy?” reappears on 420. A question sometimes asked, blown out. I wonder where all the tapes are now, what high arches they echo within, what musty dungeons they enlighten with their choral grandeur. No one else uses synths quite like this, in jest, in honor, irresponsibly, because that word should not have a negative connotation anymore.

April is still a long way away, but 420 is ceremonial music for all ages. Hark to Vivaldi, and Hype Williams, who graced the cover of 10/10 with a wiggly leaf. Baroque art broke away from the Renaissance by isolating characters in specific emotional scenes rather portraying static observations of events. Baroque music utilized multiple musical forms to portray a cohesive mood. Hear 420, a blessing, calling all wiggly winged angels, resonating, the lone organist rattling the cobblestoned streets, a bronze bell pulled by 12 ringers that can be heard 18 miles away.

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